Insurance Trust Monitor

Insurance Trust Monitor is your complete turnkey solution to help you manage the complexities of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts. Considered the industry’s premier ILIT administration and risk mitigation service, ITM offers a full array of solutions to corporate and individual trustees --- from a single policy review to a complete back office partnership that eases the burden of ILIT administration and fiduciary risk.

Recent publication worth noting:  The OCC Comptroller Handbook - Asset Management - Unique and hard to Value Assets - August 2012 states:
"Bank fiduciaries are responsible for protecting and managing the life insurance policy for the benefit of the beneficiaries or the life of the grantor. A bank fiduciary must understand each life insurance policy that the trust accepts or purchases, or the bank fiduciary must employ an advisor who is qualified, independent, objective, and not affiliated with an insurance company to prudently manage these assets."

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The 2015 webinar scheduled to be released soon. We are very excited to announce the upcoming webinars with new topics, content and speakers. You won't want to miss this upcoming series so be sure we have your email address registered.  Take advantage of our integrated partnership which offers protection from fiduciary liability and helps you serve your clients even more effectively. A strategic partnership that brings you all the tools and services you need to administer and manage unique and hard to value assets as well as life insurance policies.
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ITM will participate in the 2015 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning in Orlando, Florida, January 12-16th. Please stop by our booth so we can show you how easy it is to get started.

2014 - A TOLI Update for Trustees

The TOLI business is not growing, at least not significantly. We are still feeling the estate tax filing threshold jump to an indexed $5M. As the number of prospects drops, so does the number of new clients. Yes, there are reasons other than estate taxes to hold a policy in a trust, but the estate tax is the main driver. Can the estate tax change to favor the use of insurance trusts again? Perhaps, but probably not in the short term........Read more>>  

Client Testimonial

"We have developed a strong partnership with ITM to better facilitate the administration of life insurance trusts from a fiduciary capacity. ITM's various services and expertise have provided our clients with proactive and comprehensive account management techniques to better implement their estate planning goals."

Megan C. Warman, J.D.
Park National Bank